What We Learned From Our First Wedding


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I think the first wedding we ever shot will always be a memorable experience for us. Not only because it was wrestling themed (married in a ring, the officiant dressed like a ref, championship belts, wrestling robes, and each table at the reception decorated to the theme of a famous wrestler just to name a few of the amazing details), but┬ábecause it was our first and so memorable and we learned a lot! I am so grateful for the Garcia’s taking a chance with us and some of their pictures still remain a personal favourite.

Some Things We’ve Learned:

  • Be a boss.
    • Whether the bride and groom have a wedding planner or not, get the time table and do what you can to help them stick to it. It’s easy for a bridal party to get a mind of their own, but it’s important to remember that this is ultimately the couples day and at the end of the day they will only have the memories, and the photos.
    • Be confident in telling people where to stand and how to pose. The quicker you can get them how you want, the sooner the posed photos will be done (everyone always just wants to get back to the party).
  • You don’t need to take a million pictures.
    • It’s easy to get into the mentality of “I don’t want to miss anything!” but there’s no reason to have five pictures of almost the exact same thing. It just cuts into your post-processing time. It took Dave and I about three days alone just to go through all the photos and pick out the best.
    • Another thing to consider is that while you’re snapping away there’s a chance you could miss something because your gear is recycling (i.e. between flashes)
  • Stretch.
    • Dave and I couldn’t walk the next day after shooting this wedding. Dave being the primary shooter was in an out of that wrestling ring, jumping up on the ropes, squatting down and I was lunging and squatting all over the place too. Our legs were so sore, climbing the stairs at home was avoided as much as possible.
    • You will be bending, squatting, kneeling, laying all over the place, it’s important to remember to stretch out your muscles to avoid soreness the next day.
  • Little Things Count.
    • Catch the moments. The nice thing about Dave and I shooting weddings together is that while Dave is capturing the major moments I can catch all the details and hidden moments.
    • A lot of couples like to either scrapbook or digitally make a book of their wedding day. It’s nice for them to be able to have some B-Roll type photos to fill the pages and little spaces (think place settings, creative flower shots, different angles, etc).

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