Flashback Friday: Default Goes Down Under

The picture posted here was from the first time we went to Australia to be introduced to the record label and do

Remembering Cory

Today marks a sad anniversary. On November 3, 2011 the music community lost an amazing guitar player, performer, and proud to say

Flashback Friday: Playing for Gene Simmons

Back roughly in 2008 I was helping out band called Soul Side In. We got to do a showcase for Gene Simmons in

Flashback Friday: Jesters Revenge

This was the band that I joined when I first moved out west. My first landing spot was Kelowna, BC and these

Flashback Friday: The Brickyard

The first show I ever played with Default was at The Brickyard in Vancouver playing for A&M Records. I distinctly remember this show

Flashback Friday: Bus in a Ditch

This Flashback Friday I’m going to direct you to a video that I did. I was doing the video blogs for the

Flashback Friday: Trapt in South Korea

This was my second trip playing for the US troops. We had the privilege of travelling to South Korea with the band

Flashback Friday: The Tonight Show

A day I’ll never forget and one that was extremely surreal, being on the set of The Tonight Show. It was one

Flashback Friday: Alice Cooper

We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! The first tape I ever bought with my own money was Alice Cooper, Killers. For us