Portraits of Shakti Hayes

We had the pleasure of doing a shoot with the talented Shakti Hayes. She has an infections positive energy and the camera loved her, naturally! Here are a couple of the shots we took for this seasoned musician. Her website is currently in production but you can check out some more on here on CBC Music in the meantime.

Flashback Friday: Default Goes Down Under

The picture posted here was from the first time we went to Australia to be introduced to the record label and do a couple of TV spots, in this picture Danny and I are in front of the famous Sydney Opera House. But what I’d like to tell you all about is the second time we went to Australia and …

Flashback Friday: Playing for Gene Simmons

Back roughly in 2008 I was helping out band called Soul Side In. We got to do a showcase for Gene Simmons in Edmonton. Default was playing the same venue a month later. Gene is one of my childhood heros so it was a huge honor to perform for somebody that I had studied and stolen from. The performance went well, …

Flashback Friday: The Brickyard

The first show I ever played with Default was at The Brickyard in Vancouver playing for A&M Records. I distinctly remember this show because the week before was the third time I had ever played with the band and it was in Danny‘s bedroom playing for Lenny B. Johnson from TVT Records, Jonathan Simkin, the bands lawyer/pre-604 Records, and Chad Kroeger …

Flashback Friday: Bus in a Ditch

This Flashback Friday I’m going to direct you to a video that I did. I was doing the video blogs for the last American tour that we did with Hinder, My Darkest Days and Saving Abel. Fantastic tour to be on, but that being said, it also had it’s scary moments; and this is one of them: