We had the pleasure of shooting these brothers who are the band Petric. They are signed to Dallas Smith‘s label Steelhead Music. The whole week prior to the shoot was gorgeous and sunny. When the day came to shoot them it was a wet, cold, mess. Still though we managed to get some amazing shots at this great antique farm. In the picture below you wouldn’t even be able to tell that Cynthia was holding an umbrella over the camera while I shot the guys in the rain. We had to do it pretty quick to to make sure they looked dry. Their single has now dropped and is available on iTunes for all you country fans out there, we had a lot of laughs with these laid-back guys and couldn’t be more excited for their success. Check out their website that also showcases some of the pictures from our shoot. On set that day too was Dallas, we shared a lot of laughs reminiscing on past stories and memories from the Default days.



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