Flashback Friday: F.U. I’ll Knock Out Your Teeth

This by far one of my most memorable and humbling trips. This was on our way home from Afghanistan. This shot was taken inside the Prime Ministers airplane and here I am showing off Lanny McDonalds Championship NHL Rings. Anybody that knows me knows that I don’t know a whole lot about hockey, so if I get any of the following information wrong – please forgive me.

A couple of the highlights about this flight in particular was that I got to sit in the cockpit for take off and landing. Something that no one really gets to do anymore (not like when I was a kid). Having equipment set up in the back of the airplane and having everyone jam at 30,000 feet above the ground. It was cool jamming with the Hockey Alumni that were along on this trip with us as well as The Carpet Frogs and Glass Tiger. It was such a great trip and a fun party on the way back that I ended up passing out beside the Stanley Cup.

I can’t put every memory about this trip (playing for the Canadian Troops, covert landings, camel yogurt, IED training, etc) into one post, so stay tuned for more storiesĀ on this insane trip.

Lanny McDonald


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