Flashback Friday: Creative Pregnancy Photo

Another “busy” week has come and gone and Dave and I have yet again had a chance to sit down together and plan a Default Flashback Friday (where he tells old stories from the road days). So as I was posting something else on Facebook, I checked my notifications and Facebook told me I had memories to look back on from today. The memories were pictures from two years ago when I had ¬†a very big stomach that was growing a human life (our precious little Saffron). Although I don’t think I was one of those really hormonal pregnant women, a pregnancy picture Dave thought up of really cracks me up and I think pregnant or not every person in a relationship feels this way at one point or another in their life.

Here’s a picture where I am playing the role of a siren and Dave is my poor prey. The lighthouse in the background is from a ¬†picture Dave took in West Vancouver, BC. We pieced the other pictures together from shots we took in our studio. I love my husbands Photoshop skills, he can make anything come to life for a photo!

Pregnant Siren

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