It was so inspiring doing a photo shoot for long-time customer and friend Jenn Salway-Turner. Usually we get to create her family’s epic Christmas cards along with family photos. This time was different. Eight months ago Jenn started on a fitness journey. Something that had been on her bucket list that she can now proudly check off. We had so much fun shooting this with Jenn, water mist and baby powder flying all over the place. This fit working yummy-mummy of two and wife-extraoridinare definitely has us inspired.

Here’s something Jenn posted on Facebook about her journey:

This picture makes me very proud. The day before my photo shoot, I was in the car with Trinity. We were talking about the journey I’m on to stay fit. Trinity told me that she is very proud of me. It brought tears to my eyes. Everything I do, I do so my family will be proud of me. I’m so happy that my daughter sees me exercising to be better, and doesn’t see it as time away from her. Thx @square_egg again.

Jenn TurnerJenn Turner Jenn Turner

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