Flashback Friday: Jesters Revenge

JestersRevenge.JPGThis was the band that I joined when I first moved out west. My first landing spot was Kelowna, BC and these were the fellas that I started my first western band with called Jesters Revenge. We did this photoshoot before we even had a drummer, the guy to the left is Brandon Chesler. He was a high school friend of mine from Owen Sound, ON that moved out three months before I did. The guy standing beside me is Brandon Zimmerman, I distinctly remember hearing him play for the first time and thinking to myself, ‘Wow I’ve never heard a cleaner more precise guitar player’. The guy sitting down is Jason Wilkinson, formerly of Beyond the Fall. I remember meeting him for the first time and thinking, ‘Wow this guy has the longest hair I’ve ever seen on a man, he looks like a rock star’. Later we were joined by Jason Arbuckle on the drums.


We played a lot of great shows throughout the Okanagan and won quite a few contests. The one I was most particularly proud of was winning a spot on the Lizards Indie-Genius CD (what Seeds used to be to Vancouver for Kelowna) which ended up being the highest selling CD that they had. This was the catapult that drove us out to Vancouver, BC.


Attached was one of my favourite songs to play in Jesters Revenge from our Egocentric album, Color of my Skies.

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