Bucket List Wedding

Dave had the privilege of being the photographer at an intimate surprise wedding last week. This couple in the past few months have been rocked by the news that the groom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancerous GBM brain tumour (a terminal disease). This couple risk their lives on the daily for our community to keep us safe, all while raising the sweetest son. They are set on fighting this cancer and have such a great positive attitude going; their strength alone is something to be amazed at. Getting married was always something on theirRyanEstalize ryan-estelize-142 ryan-estelize-161 bucket list (we were later told) and to be present for this matrimony was an honour.

Ryan (the groom) had planned the whole thing. What Estelize (bride) thought was going to be a nice dinner out with parents, siblings, and close friends turned out to be so much more. First with a surprise, “Will you marry me” proposal, and second by the surprise wedding officiated right there in their own living room. Emotions were high and joy overflowed amongst all as this wonderful couple made their vows to cherish each other always.

To those of you who know this couple, or those who simply feel compelled to support this family in fighting this 12-month sentence check out the Fight Chopper page to see how you can help. #fightchopper








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