Tyga Pregnancy Shoot Inspiration

When I was pregnant Dave asked me to think of what I’d like to do for a pregnancy photo shoot. For me one of my biggest influences for photo shoot inspirations come from music videos. There’s an endless array of inspiration; whether it be from the concept to the lighting, it’s amazing what can spark from a music video.

I was on Vevo and Tyga‘s video featuring Chris Brown, ‘For the Road’ was on their main page, I clicked on it and was inspired. In this Tyga music video there are split second clips of this girl/angel painted all white walking across the screen. It is not even a main component in the video, literally less than a second across the screen and there was my inspiration. I wanted Dave to make me an all-white pregnant angel. I took a screen shot of the clip, showed him and that’s where we started from. The end result was not an exact replica, but that’s the great thing about being inspired; is seeing an idea and making it your own.

Screenshot that inspired the photo:
Tyga Angel

Final product:
Tyga Angel Pregnant

Here’s the video that inspired the shoot:

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