Remembering Cory

Today marks a sad anniversary. On November 3, 2011 the music community lost an amazing guitar player, performer, and proud to say one of my friends.

On January 8, 2003 my good friend, Phil Calfy, asked me to come down to Nashville to record on three of his tracks. Phil being a good friend of mine I jumped on the opportunity to do it and go hang out with my good buddy. It even became more enticing when I found out that Cory Smoot, Flattus Maximus from GWAR, was also going to be a part of the recording process along with Paul Crosby from Saliva on drums and Robin Diaz who recorded on Trapts first album and now is the drummer for Daughtry. The biggest thrill for me was the opportunity to record with a member from GWAR. I remember back before I moved to BC when I was in Grade 12 and I was working for my uncles moving company the first per diem I ever got was when I had to go to Quebec and instead of eating properly I saved all my money so I could buy tapes at the truck stops and the first tape I bought was GWAR’s Scumdogs of the Universe. I instantly fell in love with that album and the craziness that is GWAR and have been a fan ever since. When I showed up to the studio Cory was sitting there and he had found out I was a big GWAR fan and brought a bunch of t-shirts for me. We instantly hit it off and were friends ever since. I was in such awe of his guitar skills on how flawless and meticulous his playing was. By far one of the most skilled guitar players I have ever had the opportunity to play with. Every time that GWAR came, correction once their ban was lifted from playing BC, Cory invited me out to the shows and I would go and hang out with him and the rest of the band. And underneath all that gore and blood and latex they were all the most down-to-earth and humble guys that I have ever met. One time when Default was playing in Houston, TX GWAR pulled into town the same night as they were playing the next night at the same venue. They all came to the show, hung out with us on our bus afterwards, and then reciprocated by inviting us to their show the next night and we hung out a second night with them. Talking golf, family, and cigars.

The picture posted below was in Fred Courey, drummer for Cinderella‘s, studio. From left to right it’s Robin Diaz, me Cory, and Phil. I want to give a big shout out to my brother Phil (check out his new kick ass new band Scars of Amber) for one of the most memorable moments of my musical career and having the opportunity of playing with a legend and making great friends along the way.

RIP Cory, today will ever be known as GWAR Day for me. 

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