Outdoor Portrait Lighting

Over Easter Dave was looking up different lighting techniques to implement in our photography. On our last day with the kids before they take off on their big cross-country adventure raising awareness for our Veterans Dave snapped up what has to be one of my new favourite shots of our beautiful daughter, Zari.

If you’d like to know what techniques were used, leave a comment and we’ll respond.

For more information on on the ride across Canada (via horseback!) check out the Communities for Veterans Foundation website to see when they are coming through your town, and what you can do to help, support, or volunteer.

Zari and Jett will be blogging about their trip. If you want to experience from a kids point-of-view or have kids yourself who may benefit from it, check out their sites:

Zari: acrosscanadawithzari.wordpress.com
Jett: jetttakesoff.wordpress.com


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