HELLCHAMBER Dösé Video Release

I remember the first show I saw at Studebakers Cabaret in Burnaby was for a band called Jar who opened for L.A. Guns. My friends and I were all blown away by Jar and were sure they would be the next huge thing. We thought that the singer Garth was literally going to jump off the stage and rip everyones faces clean off, with his voice and intensity. It’s been an honour working with frontman Garth Allen throughout the years. Our first photo shoot was actually with a former project he was involved with, the band was called The Thick of It. Anyone who has followed along Garth’s music career knows what an incredible talent he is. I couldn’t be more thrilled for the release of this latest project, HELLCHAMBER, and their music video for “Dösé” that I had the privilege of directing, shooting and producing along side with my dear friend as DOP, Andrew Gerard, Kris Roby as First Assistant and Jett Benedict as Second Assistant.

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