Flashback Friday: Trapt in South Korea

This was my second trip playing for the US troops. We had the privilege of travelling to South Korea with the band Trapt to do a handful of shows for the American troops. There was turmoil in the area as¬†reports surfaced that North Korea has become a “fully fledged nuclear power”. Also South Korea’s Prime Minister, Roh Moo-hyun¬†had just committed suicide just days before we arrived.

The people in South Korea were extremely polite and also very respectful. Danny and I went and saw the last Terminator movie and when we left the theatre there wasn’t a kernel of popcorn or garbage left on the ground, everybody disposed of their own trash and I’ve never seen anything like it. It really puts things into perspective on how lazy we are in North American and feel that it’s our right and privilege that someone else will clean up after us. That being said, I did get pointed at a lot walking through the mall in Seoul. I guess they don’t see a lot of white guys with dreadlocks and tattoos. Either that or they are huge fan of the movie Predator… They actually were pointing and laughing at me, maybe I should take back that polite thing.

The soldiers were overly appreciative of us being there and playing for them. Playing for the troops has always been one of the biggest highlights of my musical career and I would jump on the opportunity to go anywhere and play for them.

This picture was taken on our trip down to the DMZ (where the show M*A*S*H was based from) where we got to dip our toes into North Korean soil.

Trapt In South Korea

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