Flashback Friday: The Kids in the Hall

We were going down to tape the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and were staying at the same hotel Sharon Osbourne brought Ozzy back to life after his departure from Black Sabbath. As we were leaving to go to the tapping we ran into fellow Canucks, The Kids in the Hall, outside who were staying at the same hotel.

That night when we got back after the tapping we were watching The Howard Stern Show and the King of Farts was on and they had a contest where you could get breast enlargements if you let the King of Farts fart in your face for a certain amount of time. We were all pissing our pants hysterically laughing. Our label guys were with us from New York and didn’t find this as humorous as we did. Maybe we should have invited The Kids in the Hall over because apparently Canadians love Terrance and Phillip moments (see below) and their flatulence more than our neighbours to the south.

Kids in the Hall

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