Flashback Friday: The Brickyard

The first show I ever played with Default was at The Brickyard in Vancouver playing for A&M Records. I distinctly remember this show because the week before was the third time I had ever played with the band and it was in Danny‘s bedroom playing for Lenny B. Johnson from TVT Records, Jonathan Simkin, the bands lawyer/pre-604 Records, and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. The lead up to this rehearsal in Danny’s bedroom was the most terrifying of my life knowing I will be playing in front of these three influential heavyweights and it only being my third time playing with the band. After we played our set and with the amount of perspiration that I had pouring out of my body from nerves, I was relieved when Lenny looked at the band and said of me, “I don’t know how you feel about this guy personally but he just killed it on bass.” That moment was one of the biggest moments of my musical career, and that was only the beginning. Afterwards Lenny took us out to the Shark Club, paid for dinner, and got us hammered on the record labels dime, or so we thought. This is the label we ended up signing with although we did play for a couple of others. I just remember this time as being one of the most exciting moments of my life, kind of like the scariest rollercoaster that you’re about to endure and you’re just at the crest of it just about to hit that first drop.

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