Flashback Friday: Playing for Gene Simmons

Back roughly in 2008 I was helping out band called Soul Side In. We got to do a showcase for Gene Simmons in Edmonton. Default was playing the same venue a month later. Gene is one of my childhood heros so it was a huge honor to perform for somebody that I had studied and stolen from. The performance went well, there were two bands (us and the Stereos before they were signed). This showcase was for Gene’s label at the time, Simmons Records, he was going across Canada checking out bands to sign to it and we were one of the lucky ones to be chosen out of Edmonton to play for him. Afterwards he sat down with the band and critiqued the songs and the performance. Soon after he made a quick exit; the funny part about it was it was sponsored by Jagermeister and they had set up a bunch of swag backstage for Gene and the bands. Needless to say Gene got first pick at whatever he wanted, but the only thing that was missing were the Jagermeister condoms.

A nerd moment I had was when Gene recognized me from the Default promo posters that were up for our upcoming show. He pointed to the poster and asked, “Isn’t that you?” and also mentioned that he was familiar with our band.

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