Flashback Friday: Our First Photo Shoot, $50

How did Dave and I start doing photography together? It all started with The Thick of It.

I’ve always loved photography, I’d ask for Lens & Shutter gift certificates for my birthday so I could save up to get the best flash my camera (at the time a Canon Rebel xti) could have. My brothers have even pooled in for a tripod, and at Christmas I got a lens filter I had asked for… So when Dave’s best friend Mike asked him, “Do you know any good cheap photographers?” Dave told Mike that I had a camera, and we could do the shoot. Since we’d never done one before, we’d only charge $50.

This shoot lit the fire in us that had us decide that we wanted to pursue photography. It was so much fun shooting such a wickedly awesome group of guys. We still love the photos from this shoot.

Some things we’ve learned? Though watermarks make you feel protected, they are distracting to the photo.

Thick of It


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