Flashback Friday: Default Goes Down Under

The picture posted here was from the first time we went to Australia to be introduced to the record label and do a couple of TV spots, in this picture Danny and I are in front of the famous Sydney Opera House. But what I’d like to tell you all about is the second time we went to Australia and played the Triple M Festival.

The Triple M Festival was one of my most memorable and favorite tours. We flew from show to show in Australia and we never travelled by land. We were playing with Lifehouse, Simple Plan, The Tea Party, Nickelback, Midnight Oil, Billy Idol, The Goo Goo Dolls to name a few. It must have been unnerving for people to get in a plane that the majority of the flyers all had long hair, tattoos, and stank of booze. I think they made movies about this where the plane goes down full of rock stars. When we played Sydney it was the biggest show that we played on tour. We had 20 minutes to play and in the second song my strap broke and I played half of Sick and Tired with my bass on the ground. My techs got me a new bass and that bass cut in and out until eventually it just died before the next song was over. I felt like I was standing there like a chump while I waited impatiently for another bass to be handed to me. I went almost two whole songs on a 20-minute set without said bass until I finally lost my cool and threw my bass halfway across the stage. That day too, everybody from the other bands decided to watch us from side stage. So equally I felt just as embarrassed and that I couldn’t perform to my full potential. At the end of the show with new bass in hand I put the headstock through my bass cabinet and kicked it over. My formal apologies go out to my tech Michael at the time and to Russ for reaping the fall out after the show as the amp was not mine and it was rented backline. They freaked out on Russ and it was a little bit of a bill on my end. But hey, all in the name of Rock n Roll. A little footnote, and anybody that knows myself or the other guys knows the full story, but Jeremy peed on Ralph James, the biggest booking agent in North America, on our first night in Australia (also one of my favourite stories but I’ll leave it to Jeremy to publish).

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